Posted by: bobcatbasketball | January 13, 2010

Postgame Presser quotes

All quotes lifted from the post game press conference of Wednesday’s 67-62 loss to Akron:

Coach John Groce:

On the team’s effort:

“I think this was the best effort all season when you talk about the entire game. From beginning to end the whole team was dialed in and played hard throughout.”

On the frustration that some players were exhibiting during the game:

“Our guys were aggressive. They were aggressive to a point where they might have gotten a little undisciplined out there.”

On the relationship between good effort and losing:

“I can’t control that. I’ve learned to control the controllable. I try to just focus on preparing for the game and putting these guys into a position to win. We need to find a way to get the job done.”

On handling pressure situations this season:

“We have a few more play-makers this year and we can handle pressure situations a lot better. I’ve really told the guys to embrace every possession because it seems that every one of these MAC games come down to the last possession.”

On little used Asown Sayle’s 19 minutes played:

“I was so proud of him. We were looking to get someone who could mess with [Jimmy] Conyers at the three point line.”

Junior Guard Armon Basset (25 pts):

On the lack of three pointers taken by the team compared to previous games:

“We knew that they closed out hard, so we wanted to go in hard and try to draw the foul on their bigs”

Freshman Guard DJ Cooper (10 pts, 5 ast.):

On playing what many consider the two best teams in the conference back to back:

“I feel like we can play with anyone in the conference. Both of those games came down to the wire.”


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