Posted by: bobcatbasketball | January 18, 2010

Charlie Praises the Ozone

Miami(OH) head basketball coach Charlie Coles

“Boy, it’d be real nice to have something like that going on here.”

Those were the words of Miami’s head coach Charlie Coles in reference to the Ohio University student fan section, the “Ozone”. Coles, who on Saturday became the winningest coach in MAC men’s basketball history with 195 conference wins, has always respected the Ohio fans for their passion and intensity. Every season Coles and his Redhawks make the late season trek to the Convo to take on the Bobcats and every season Coles and the Ozone playfully take part in exchanges throughout games. Coles often sings the praises of the student fan group, who made the trip up to Oxford for the Bobcats’ 79-67 loss to MU. Coles has said he longs for a similar student fan group at Miami, whose students were outnumbered by the Ozone on their own home court on Saturday. With the Redhawks pulling a huge upset on Saturday, it will only heap more coal on an already intense rivalry.

Next game: @ Bowling Green (8-7, 1-2) on Wed.

Next Miami game: 2/24/10 @ the Convo.



  1. Good updates, however, you leave me wondering about Washington. Hmmmm, what’s up there?

    Also, mind your cliches (“heap more coal,” etc.)

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